We are super exited to get the season going, just a few short weeks away! Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way!

The Malone Center Panthers (CMC Panthers) were founded in April of 2019. The Panthers were formed to give student-athletes an opportunity to compete on a high level facing the toughest teams the region has to offer. Allowing them to put to use and showcase their skills and talents on and off the field. The CMC Panthers are part of the YSF and play in the Great Plains Youth Football League. In 2020 we expanded to 3 teams with the addition of a 3/4th grade combo team to go along with our 5/6th grade and 7/8th grade teams.

The Malone Center was founded in 1955 through a reorganization of the Lincoln Urban league.
For decades the Malone Center has served neighboring families, youth, seniors, and the Lincoln community with inclusive, social, cultural, educational, employment and welfare services to create unity and prosperity throughout Lincoln while honoring our African American heritage.

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