Malone Center Panthers

The Malone Community Center was founded in 1955 through a reorganization of the Lincoln Urban league. ... For decades the Malone Center has served neighboring families, youth, seniors and the Lincoln community with inclusive, social, cultural, educational, employment and welfare services.


The Clyde Malone Center Panthers (CMC Panthers) was founded April of 2019, The CMC Panthers was formed to give kids the opportunity to compete on a high level using their unique skills and talents on and off the field as student-athletes. The CMC Panthers are the only select youth football program within the Linclon limits, we are apart of the YSF and play within the Great Plains league, this year we will cater to 4th & 5th-grade combine and a 6th-grade team. Hoping to grow to where you are able to cater to all age groups.   


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Malone Community Center


2032 U Street,

Lincoln, NE 68503

Call: 402-474-1110

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