Considering donating?

Do you know the #1 barrier to youth sports participation in America?
Currently the #1 barrier to participation is the financial aspect that comes with playing organized sports. One of our goals with the Malone Center Panthers is to help provide equal opportunity to the youth in our community that may never have the opportunity to participate in organized sports due to the cost associated with playing.

Why is playing sports important?

There are numerous benefits to participation in organized sports including, greater physical literacy, socialization, greater Self-confidence and Self-discipline, understanding and applying responsibility, focus, and overall improved mental health. Youth sports helps prepares young athletes for a lifetime of activity, dealing with pressure, handling disappointments, accepting responsibility, and gets them started in developing a healthy lifestyle that will apply throughout the rest of their life, even when they’re no longer playing sports.

Why is it important to us?

Youth Sports is more than just a game! It’s an opportunity to create a lifelong positive impact on the youth in our community! There is a direct link between economic hardship to academic failure and poor health. Children raised in low-income families have a greater chance of having adverse outcomes later in life, including maladaptive behaviors.

Why should you donate?

Currently the Covid-19 pandemic has played a greater impact on Youth Sports as the kids whose families who were already impacted now may face greater financial difficulties. With the cost of playing sports being the #1 reason kids can’t play and the financial impact of Covid-19, families are in greater need more than ever!

All money donated to the organization goes directly into helping pay for costs associated with the program. This may include but not restricted to buying new equipment, paying for field time, or offering player scholarships. All staff and Coaches associated with the program are unpaid volunteers.