Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The CMC Panthers?

The Clyde Malone Center Panthers are a Select tackle football program in Lincoln for grades 3-8. Established in 2019 we will be fielding 3 teams, PeeWee (3/4th grade combo), Jr. Midget (5/6th grade combo) and Midget (7/8th grade combo).


Do you have to try out to become a Panther?

No! There are no tryouts to become a member the Panthers family, our organization is open to all Athletes in surrounding Lincoln areas.


How old does my child need to be to play?

In our program there is a grade and age limit. If you have a younger student athlete, please contact us for further information.

- Pee Wee Combo (3rd/4th Grade):  Must not reach the age of 10 prior to July 1, 2019, without league approval.

- Jr. Midget Combo (5th/6th Grade): Must not reach the age of 12 prior to July 1, 2019, without league approval.

- Midget Combo (7th/8th Grade): Must not reach the age of 14 prior to July 1, 2019, without league approval.  


Will my child automatically make the team?

Yes! Your athlete will automatically be on the team that you sign him/her up for. However, playing time is earned we are a select program that encourage all of our student athletes to work hard and understand that they can do anything they put their minds too. Practice times is where all athletes earn their playing time coaches will place athletes in situation that they feel your athlete you most be successful. Everything is Earned Nothing is Given!!!.


How many kids can be on a team?

The maximum number of players that a team can suit is 30 players per game. We will not carry over the maximum number of players.


Do I need my own equipment?

No, we will provide your player with top-notch equipment at no additional cost, however, we will ask for an equipment deposit. If you are interested in purchasing equipment, please let us know.


Where are we going to practice?

We will be practicing at Speedway Sporting Village. Address: 345 Sporting Village Dr, Lincoln, NE 68502


What league will we play in?

We are a member of the Great Plains Youth Football League, this league consists of 34 program members in Nebraska and Iowa. 


Where will our Home games be played?
All home games will be  played at Northeast High School, 2635 N 63rd St, Lincoln, NE 68507


How far will I need to travel to games?

This will be dependent upon scheduling, teams range from Grand Island to West Point and into Iowa.


How much is registration?

Registration is $250.00 per student athlete.