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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are The Malone Panthers?

The Malone Panthers were established in 2019 as a Select tackle football program. Since then we have expanded our athletics program to also include Basketball and Track & Field. 


Do you have to try out to become a Panther?

No, although all programs will have some sort of tryout for the team, they are not required for participation. If interested in joining a program, please visit the program page and reach out to the Director or Head Coach for the team you are interested in joining. Each program/team might have deadlines to make roster adjustments so it may be possible that they cannot join a team for the current season.

How old does my child need to be to play?

Our programs are aimed towards athletes in the 3rd grade through to 8th grade, depending on the program. If you have a student-athlete that is not in this range, please contact us for further information. 


Will my child automatically make the team?

We encourage all student-athletes to tryout for the team that they want to play on. Playing time is earned and not just given. We offer select programs that encourage all of our student-athletes to work hard and understand that they can do anything they put their minds too. Practice times is where all athletes earn their playing time coaches will place student-athletes in situation that they feel they will be successful. Everything is Earned Nothing is Given!!!.


How many kids can be on a team?

This will vary for each program. This will be a coach's decision. 


Do I need my own equipment?

With the exception of footwear, we will provide your player with the equipment needed to play at no cost. Our football program does require an equipment deposit that is required to offset the loss of un-returned equipment and/or uniforms. If you are interested in purchasing your own equipment, please let us know, we might be able to help.


When and where are practices?
Practice days and times will be determined by your coaches, please be in contact with them for correct time and locations. For general questions, contact us for further information.


How far will I need to travel to games?

This will be dependent upon program, team and scheduling, if travel is an issue be sure to contact your Head Coach.


How much does is cost to join a team?

Registration cost is dependent on program and team.
Our Football program also 
requires a fundraiser that has a $150 buy-out and a $400 equipment deposit check. The equipment deposit check will be held until the end of the season and returned or shredded, when all equipment is returned back to the organization. 

What is the Refund Policy?

Due to the costs associated with our programs we have a general "No Refund" policy. If you have additional questions about this, reach out to your program's director.

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