Parent Policy Form

The Clyde Malone Center (CMC) Panthers, will be known as an organization that wins with class, loses with dignity, and that competes with all of their might and passion while at the same time maintaining the highest standards of positive sportsmanship. These same standards are expected to be reflected through the actions of the parents of all student athletes.

1. Encourage members of both teams.
2. Keep comments positive.
3. Only players and coaches are allowed on the field. No Exceptions. 
4. Leave the coaching to the coaches. Contact the Director of Football Operations if necessary.
5. Do not confront coaches before, during or after a game or during practice. Please schedule time to talk to the coach about any situations that need to be addressed. 
6. Please wait 24 hours to approach a coach with concerns regarding games.
7. Criticizing the officials, coaches and opponents will not be tolerated.
8. Your actions and those you bring with you in attendance of games represent not only yourself, or your athlete, but The CMC as a whole. Thus those brought with you are your responsibility.
9. Abusive language and cursing will not be tolerated.
10. No open alcoholic beverages or tobacco products on the field, parks, gyms or parking areas allowed.
11. Help make this a positive and fun experience for all, as competitive as we all want to be, at the end of the day we must win with class and lose with dignity. 
12. Report any violations to the Director of Football Operations.
13. Be responsible for all CMC equipment. All equipment will be returned immediately at the end of season, or if necessary, upon the dismissal from team. Failure to do so will result in the full cost of equipment, as well as any legal and collection costs being assessed to player’s parent/guardian.
14. Our program is bigger than any one player, coach or spectator.
15. I understand that my behavior at any CMC sponsored event will impact The Clyde Malone Center mission.



1. Individuals may be given one warning for inappropriate activity.
2. Individuals that continue will be asked to leave the field, gym or park and the player will be removed from the game until the parent/spectator has left.
3. Other sanctions as deemed necessary by the President or Board may be enforced including permanent ban from all CMC events.


This policy must be signed as a condition of your child’s participation.


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